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Length 18:13

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The video starts outdoors, as Kristina undresses and teases with her tight teen body and enjoys the country life. Kristina shows different flexible positions. With the ankles behind her head, flexible Kristina rubs her pussy and delicately fingers her little asshole. She then slides a massive jelly dildo into her cunt and fucks herself hard and deep untill she cums with an almighty scream.

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Length 39:48

  • 2.22 GB
  • 947 MB
  • 351 MB
  • 462 MB

Valentina reveals her pink inner bits. She teases, massages her breasts, spreads and oils up her pink pussy and tight firm ass and shows some wet vagina gapes and pussy muscle control before she fingers herself to orgasm. She then grabs the Magic Wand vibrator to get off again. After her climax, there's a beautiful shot as she spreads her vagina wide open and contracts her pussy muscles. Valentina's second shooting starts with some cameltoes, as she plays with her labia. Laying on her belly, she then takes her panties down and shows some amazing pussy gapes. She then grabs the Magic Wand massager again and cums in a crying painful orgasm. Finally, Valentina teases her asshole, starts drilling it deep with a dildo and shows some great gaping ass action.

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Mya Dark

Length 40:39

  • 2.22 GB
  • 947 MB
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  • 462 MB

The vid starts with Mya Dark teasing with her cameltoe, gaping her pussy wide open. She rubs her body with oil, pleases her clit with a finger. Mya starts rubbing her clit. Eventhough the speculum seems to cause her pain, Mya focuses on pleasuring her senses and her clit - her vagina contracts and fills up with a thick white vaginal discharge - and such intense pleasure, tinged with pain, is hard to sustain so she finally reaches a sort of semi-orgasm (she confessed later she missed the tail-end of her climax). In a final 8 minute scene, she toyfucks and gapes her ass amazingly.

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Length 53:14

  • 2.99 GB
  • 1.24 GB
  • 451 MB
  • 608 MB

This beautiful brunette just turned 18y old and feels an urge to satisfy her burning desire to fill her holes up. She cums up to four times, each time in closeup... There's some great teasing scenes, cameltoes, vagina gapes with and without speculum (she's good with her PC muscles control). She also glides an ice cube over her smooth pussy before popping it into her steamy snatch, rubs her clit with it and masturbates again, then she fucks herself in both holes and cums in an explosive orgasm, as her love fluids start oozing from her cunt. A wild 10 minute anal scene!

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Lindsey Olsen

Length 56:50

  • 2.30 GB
  • 980 MB
  • 363 MB
  • 471 MB

In these 3 videos, Lindsey Olsen orgasms multiple times. She starts by oiling and massaging her tight body, caresses her boobs, her ass cheeks. She pinches her clit hood, rubs the glans gently with the tip of her finger, rolls it gently between two fingers. Aroused, she circles her clit with her finger till she climaxes. Then, she inserts a speculum into her vagina, holds a magic wand vibrator on her clit and enjoys a second intense orgasm. With her panties on again, Lindsey Olsen shows camel toes, asshole and vagina gapes views. She brings herself to a third orgasm in just a few minutes with the strong vibrations of the Hitachi massager. Her clit is so tensed she can barely can touch it. Yet she fucks her ass frenetically with a large dildo, and shows a series of incredible anal gapes.

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Length 44:11

  • 2.51 GB
  • 707 MB
  • 256 MB
  • 504 MB

Julia is a 19 year old Dutch blonde. She works as a model and a lap dancer, and loves showing off her body. But what we really like about her are her wet and juicy orgasms. She starts massaging her ass with oil, shaking and slaping her ass cheeks. Julia spreads and stretches her vagina as the camera plunges to examine her intimacy in detail. She then lubes herself up and inserts a clear plastic speculum to gape her pussy wide. Time for a gyno exam, closeup! She starts masturbating, slowly at first, then almost frenetically. As she cums, a river of her orgasmic goo starts dripping out of her pussy!

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Length 36:33

  • 2.04 GB
  • 869 MB
  • 482 MB
  • 322 MB

Virginia undresses and reveals her peach shaped pussy as the camera gets her body under scrutiny. She rubs her clit, fucks her ass and pussy, fingers her G-spot Zone and wet pussy in beautiful extreme close ups.

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Length 54:39

  • 3.05 GB
  • 1.26 GB
  • 482 MB
  • 627 MB

Barbara undresses and reveals her extremely large clit in a beautifully shot body exploration scene in 2 cam dual-split screen. Barbara contracts her pussy muscles as her large swollen clit is filmed from different perspectives, then she starts rubbing it voluptuously until she climaxes. The extreme closeups are absolutely stunning, especially in split screen mode. Barbara sticks a speculum up her vagina and and cums again with the rabbit vibrator. With her panties on, she shakes her fleshy butt and her perky tits. Barbara Sweet shows some great closeups of her asshole, clit and vagina as she flexes her perineal muscles before she enjoys the waves of the rabbit vibrator on her very big clit and cums. Finally there's an awesome exploration of her intimate parts in dual cam. This scene is a must see.

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Length 1:02:35

  • 3.50 GB
  • 1.45 GB
  • 482 MB
  • 551 MB

Barbara reveals her redhead hairy pussy and plays with her lactating tits. There are some amazing closeups of her pussy. Barbara is so 100% natural that it gives a feeling of intimacy with her, as she caresses her clit sweetly. After a few minutes she has her first orgasm (all scenes are shot in dualcam, with orgasm Replays from a second POV). Barbara opens wide the gates of her temple and rubs her wet swollen clit again. As she reaches another orgasm, her excitement floods her vagina with pussy juices that drips from the speculum fully opened. Another orgasm again, and more juices leaking out of her perfectly lit cunt. Finally, with the Thrusting Rabbit she works her clit, G Spot and vagina at the same time and waves of pleasure start flooding her body, bringing her to the biggest orgasm she ever had!

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Length 56:02

  • 3.15 GB
  • 1.67 GB
  • 448 MB
  • 639 MB

Megan reveals her big labia in close up and gets her body exposed. She encloses her clit between her fingers, pulls the hood back and rubs herself until she cums hard. We're so close that her clit fills a good portion of the image. There's a great closeup pee, followed by a beautiful body exploration scene as Megan rubs an ice cube on her steamy clit and body. Then, with a speculum stretching her pussy, she fingers her clit and shoves another finger into her tight asshole and cums wildly. Right after her orgasm, Megan stands up with the speculum to see her pussy juices dropping from her wide-open vagina. Megan toy-fucks her asshole with a huge dildo - shows some remarkable gapes - before the pleasure totally overwhelms her when she reaches a profound anal orgasm.

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